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Why I'm Serious:

Part of taking care of business is taking care of your family, and you can't do that without taking care of yourself. That is the most important business to take care of first, which is why this business directory will always remain family friendly.

Each individual listing is handcrafted to represent your business in a positive light using your branding and marketing materials. But, I don't do this for free. And yet, who even knows if this idea of mine will even take off. It's a risk, everything is. But, I don't believe anyone is going to be upset, at all.

Submit only to the proper appropriate subdirectory.
Not allowed: Adult, Dating Drug, Hate, Illegal, Loan or Propoganda Websites.
Encouraged: Art, Autos, Blogs, Business, Cartoon, Entertainment, Family, Health, Kids, Media, Pet, Products, Robotics, Science, Shopping, Technology, Tutorials & more...


Take care of yourself so you can take care of your family. But then, it's BUSINESS FIRST!

There's no reason to worry with 001.BUSINESS resource listings, all submissions are Mom & Dad approved to be safe for the whole family and revisited periodically. 

Some of my listings do include affilate links where I might get a commision if you purchase something. However, none of our listings are PPC (Pay Per Click) which encourage crazy bidding wars and tend to drain pockets without any return (where did Google come-up with such a hap-hazardous advertising system that doesn't even allow for a marketing strategy, anyway?).

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Submit directory listings only to the proper appropriate subdirectory.
Not Allowed: Adult, Dating, Drug, Loan, Illegal, Hate or Propoganda Websites.
Encouraged Subject Matter: Art, Automotive, Business, Cartoon, Computer, Design, Development, Entertainment, Family, Graphics, Health, Kids, Linux, Mac, Media, Pets, Robotics, Science, Shopping, Social, Technology, Tutorials, Web, Windows & more...

Take care of your family by putting Business First with a listing on 001.BUSINESS

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