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Family friendly, human reviewed, customized & maintained, business oriented general web directory.


Domain Hostmaster

Domain registration and transfers at pro webmaster prices. D.I.Y. tools for webmasters starting out with their own online presence (themed & hosted Website Builder for beginners or an administrated, updated & hosted Wordpress solution for an easy-to-use, worry-free content management system that works like a word processor. Webmaster tools, SSL Certs, promotion software & Linux or Windows hosting enviroments or web servers also at the ready. 

HD Web Hosting 

Heavy Duty Web Hosting for High-Definition, high traffic driven websites. Linux OS & Apache 2 web server powered genuine cloud based web hosting AMD server systems equipped with fast SSD drives in secure, internet backbone connected data centers on 4 continents.
A capable, global operation that takes web hosting seriously. The choice of site designers, web & app developers, website optimizers, online marketers and other professional webmasters since January of 2004. Support available 24/7.
cPanel hosting, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), & Dedicated Servers are also available. Free 30 day trial. Free reseller program for webmasters.

Free, Freeware & Shareware Fonts & Web Fonts

I send my clients here when I have to develop a logo for them. This is an easily browsable cataloged font repository that will give me an idea of their style. This isn't to say that I would or wouldn't use their cvhoice of font, but it gives me an idea of the design style for how they want their company name to look on their letterhead. I may use a font from here, or I have plenty of commercial fonts on my system. This of course, will nudge me in one direction or another when I conceive and create their logo.
Nevertheless, there is a nice assortment of choice fonts here that I have been collecting. I have even designed quite a few freeware and a couple of shareware fonts/webfonts that I have upoaded here, including an exclusive or two. 
I try to document each font in the archive, though there are many older fonts I am still trying to research and add the documentation for (it takes time).
This is a big fonts repository with over 13,000 fonts. I am primarily in search of fonts that I can use in commercial projects, for myself as well as for fellow graphic & web designers.
I also share a variety of font design tools, some are actually free software that are really good and used by pros.



I originally started designing websites in 1996 after college when I taight myself HTML 1.0, along with all the little tricks required to make it work. Back then there were very few HTML editors (you were better off with a text editor), you used tables to create an attractive web page layout, and there was no such thing as CSS.
Things have changed. Because of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), we never should use tables for a web page layout/design, HTML has grown-up, php (prehypertext processor) has matured and come of age, and anyone can grab an app and make websites.
Yet, now there are so many ways to do the same thing that I decided to embrace as many of these technologies that actually work, as whole-heartedly as possible.  
I can still code (and do), but now I have so many tools that are standards compliant and even usher in new techniques that save me so much time that I actually design websites for fun, now.
This site is a Salamander design.

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